Myofascial Release Workshop

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Well, I am excited to be going to a workshop on myofascial release this weekend! Fascia is the connective tissue that connects and supports everything in the body – from each layer of muscle and bone to skin and organs. Fascia can get kinks and adhesions just like muscles can, and the effects reach far throughout the body. Try this – lay out a piece of fabric – gently pinch a piece of the fabric & twist just a bit – the fabric will develop a crease or a ridge that can run the entire length of the fabric. Fascia tends to respond the same way. When there is a kink in the connective tissue of the body, that “kink” can affect muscles and organs far from the origin of the problem. Fascia is incredibly strong as it helps to support our body and give it shape. Because of this strength, fascia does not respond to traditional massage techniques as effectively as the muscles do. Fascia needs to be subjected to gentle yet firm and steady pressure, sustained usually from 2-5 minutes. As the fascia is subjected to this gentle sustained pressure, it relaxes into a more gel-like state and adhesions are able to be smoothed out. I am excited and eager to learn more about fascia and the techniques that are most effective for various muscular/fascial dysfunctions, such as scoliosis, shortened-leg, frozen shoulder, joint-mobility issues, and areas of muscular tension that are resistant to traditional massage treatments. Myofascial release techniques are easy to incorporate into massage sessions and provide much benefit! Ask me how Myofascial Release can help you specifically! A more in-depth article on this coming soon!


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