Relieve Stress with Massage

Stress is inevitable in today’s world and it has quite negative effects on both the body and the mind. One of the most common sources of stress is our work environments. About 75% of Americans say their jobs are stressful, with 40% describing the stress as “extreme.” Over half of respondents routinely find they end the day with work-related neck & back pain & eye strain (surveys by Northwestern National Life & Integra). According the American Institute of Stress, U.S. employers lose about $200 billion annually on stress-related expenses! Considering these facts, it would be wise for us to learn how to effectively manage stress. On the business end, effective management of stress could improve employee efficiency & accuracy; on the personal end, it could improve our health, reducing stress-related healthcare costs, medications, and missed work.

Being under stress causes our muscles to tense up; sometimes we don’t even realize we are so tense until that tension has been relieved with a massage. As muscle tension increases, so does anxiety; as anxiety increases, it increases muscle tension and so the cycle continues. Stress has also been shown to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Many people then turn to pharmaceuticals to alleviate these symptoms, but these drugs often have many negative side effects. Massage is a natural therapy that has been shown to effectively alleviate anxiety, reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain, relieving pain and anxiety. Massage therapy has an immediate effect on the body and mind and leaves a person visibly relaxed and calmed. As stress is relieved, productivity increases. Massage therapy has been shown to improve employee efficiency and accuracy, reducing stress-related problems at work as well as reducing the need for time off work due to stress-related illness. (Learn more about the negative effects of stress here.)

People can get massage therapy on their own time, but some employers show their appreciation to their employees by bringing massage therapy into the workplace. Corporate chair massage is a 10-15 minute experience, focusing on neck, shoulders, back, and arms. It does not include any oils and the only equipment is a special massage chair easily set up in a break-room or employee lounge. Chair massage is easily incorporated during the workday – on a short break, during lunch or at end of shift. Some companies  choose to cover the cost as a “thank-you” to their employees; others offer their employees the opportunity to pay for the massage if they choose.

Unmanaged stress can have extremely negative effects, but a short chair massage could make a big difference in employee well-being and work productivity. Bringing chair massage by Earth Hands Therapies into the workplace is a decision that any company or employer will not regret! Contact Rebecca for more details on offering Corporate Chair Massage to your valued employees!

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